When was Crypto Worth born?

In April 2018

Do you need access to my wallet?

No! We take the balance data from the blockchain.

What is a Crypto Worth page?

It is a published record (see example) of:

  1. The LinkedIn image and name of the person that paid for this service.
  2. The bitcoin wallet address used for the payment of this service (this proves the user’s control over the wallet that contains that address).
  3. The current balance on that bitcoin address, according to the blockchain.

I didn’t get the link to my Crypto Worth page. Why?

The page is generated after the transaction gets 3 confirmations on the blockchain and I verify your LinkedIn profile. When in doubt, you can always open a ticket.

Can my Crypto Worth page be deleted?

Yes, just request it here.

Can the url of my Crypto Worth page be changed?

Sorry, no.

Do Crypto Worth pages expire?

Yes, after 1 year. If you need to renew it or expand it, just purchase another proof.

Can I cancel an order?

Nope. All orders are non-reversible, except if I make a mistake.

Can I change the password of my Crypto Worth page?

Sure, just open a ticket.

How is the bitcoin / dollar (or other currency) parity calculated?

It is based on Bitpay’s parity system.

Can I add multiple bitcoin addresses to the same Crypto Worth page?

Yes you can, just use a different wallet each time you make a payment for proof.

Can I have more than one Crypto Worth page?

At this moment no: only one page per LinkedIn profile.

How do you make money?

By creating and selling Crypto Worth pages.

How do I share my Crypto Worth page?

Send your URL and the password to the person you would like to look at it.

Is the balance of the bitcoin address of my Crypto Worth page static?

No, it gets updated each time the page gets loaded.

My wallet has a different balance than the address on my Crypto Worth page. Why?

Many wallets have multiple addresses associated to them: the wallets combine the balances associated to each of the addresses under them. We can only display the balance of the address registered on the blockchain that paid for the service.

How long does it take for a Crypto Worth page to be created?

Less than 24 hours.

What is your relationship with the brands on Crypto Worth?

The brands represented are not sponsors of Crypto Worth or otherwise affiliated with the company Ideas On That. Logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks and are owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates. Please visit each company’s website for additional terms and conditions.


What is the relationship between Crypto Worth and YesToBitcoins?

I launched them both. I decided to close YesToBitcoins in February 2018. This is the official communication from that sad day.

I deleted my LinkedIn account, but then I created a new one. Can I associate my old Crypto Worth page to my new LinkedIn profile?


Why is it taking so long for my payment to be validated by the blockchain?

If the payment was made with a low bitcoin miner fee, this may prevent it from being accepted by the blockchain.
This is an issue with the configuration of your bitcoin wallet.
If the transaction isn’t confirmed, the funds will be returned to your wallet. Depending on the wallet, this may take 48-72 hours.

Can I use my online exchange account or an online wallet for this service?

No. Exchanges and online wallets usually generate a different address for each transaction and sometimes keep your funds in cold storage or proprietary wallets, so no, I do not recommend it.

I can’t find the answer I was looking for, now what?

Please write to me.

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